What I’m Aiming For…

For a while now, I have been keeping a ever growing GoogleDoc of recipes by request of a few special people in my life. Today, I have decided to start making the recipe book available for more than just those couple of people. I figure it makes sense to share this with a larger audience if I am putting the time in already…so here goes nothing.

There is no rhyme or reason to the recipes I choose. Basically, this is a collection of foods that I cook on a fairly regular basis that I lots of requests for the recipes. Maybe one day I will create a theme, but realistically, I won’t. I don’t really like the idea of being tied to one idea at a time. The more chaos in my kitchen and general food world the better! That is where the best ideas come from anyway. If you have an idea for a recipe, a favorite ingredient, or a question you think I might have answer for, leave it as a comment and I’ll make sure to take a stab at it.

So maybe one day I have too many papayas, then it’s jam time or I could marinate some steak. Too much lettuce? Grilled romaine salads, wilted caesar soup, lettuce wraps. If someone I care about is sick, you bet there will be about a million soup recipes until the plague passes. Anyway, you get the idea. I care about food but more importantly, I care about the people eating that food so most of my recipes are based on the tastes, wants, or crazy imaginings of someone who is hungry in my life.

I hope you enjoy this chaotic collection of culinary musings and possible missteps as much as I have enjoyed the process of their creation.

Happy cooking!


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