This blog is a collection of recipes that span both my Maine roots and my adopted home of Hawaii. There is no rhyme or reason to the selection of recipes. It’s just whatever I want to snack on or whatever someone I love wants to snack on. Simple as that.

I love to cook for the people in my life and they all have very different tastes so that is will be a mish mash of all those people’s wants piled together. The one common theme however is that it will all be delicious and none of it is too hard. I love to cook for people but I also love to actually talk and socialize when I have guests over for dinner so nothing can require too much focus. All recipes must be multi-tasking friendly…and by multi-tasking I mean drinking wine, petting the cats (who may end up as a prominent feature here), arguing about politics (my first love), and still having time to stir, whisk, and mix all the ingredients.

Here is my very first post on this site for you to get a better idea of what this blog is about: What I’m Aiming For…

I hope you enjoy. Happy cooking!

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  1. What you live in Hawaii! Do you really need food there? I heard you just have to breath that air and feel full…just kidding! I have been to Maui as a tourist twice. Such a beautiful island! If yours is anything like it…I envy you!

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    • Yes! It is pretty amazing. We do still have to eat, lol, but there is a certain feeling of being full and complete that comes from living here. 😊 If you ever make it back to the islands, let me know and I would be happy to help you find the best things to do/eat/see on your trip!


  2. Hi Molly! Thanks for having a look at a few of my posts! I’m just starting out with WordPress. Your site looks awesome! Hope you don’t mind if in the future I ask you a few tricks of the trade with setting up some stuff since i’m a bit of a rookie at it. I might even poke through some of your recipes to see if I take a liking to any enough to post on my own recipe section eventually, if you don’t mind!

    All the best!


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